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Current Information

2013 Annual Audit for the R.M. of Kelsey Rural Water Treatment Plant


Where do we get our water from?

The R.M. of Kelsey receives its water from two wells in the Saskram Lake Area


Do we treat our water?

At this time we do not do any treatment


Why & How do we disinfect our water?

Disinfection is the selective destruction or inactivation disease causing organism in the water. The Drinking Water Safety Act and all other supporting regulations require that we disinfect our water before we send it to our customers and that we have an adequate amount of disinfectant in our distribution system to insure that water is safe for consumer use.

This disinfection of the water is Sodium Hypochlorite at a 12% solution


Are any other chemicals added to the water?

At this time there are no other chemicals added


How much treated water storage do we have?

The facility has a two cell reservoir that holds up to 300,000 litres of water


What is the distribution system?

It is a network of underground pipes that are used to convey the treated water to our consumers. We carry out regular maintenance of the system to insure that it is working properly


Is the water test? What for? When?

Water tests are taken on a regular basis to ensure that the water is safe, to meet the regulatory requirements and to monitor how the facility is preforming. The water is tested at the water treatment facility and at various locations throughout the distribution system. All of the testing results are submitted to the Provincial office of Drinking Water for review


Disinfectant testing: We test the chlorine level at the water treatment plant daily (minimum chlorine residual of 0.5 mg/l). We also do chlorine tests on the distribution system on a bi-weekly basis (minimum chlorine residual on the distribution system is 0.1mg/l)


Bacterial testing: We do 3 bacterial tests bi-weekly, one on the raw water, one on the treated water and one on the distribution water. A positive result may be an indication that disease causing organism may be resent and a retest is required


What are the results of the tests?

The following summarizes the disinfection monitoring and reporting for 2013:

Regulatory Requirement PWS Performance

A) Free Chlorine Residual                               0.5 mg/l                                                                100%

entering the distribution system

B) Free Chlorine Residual                                 0.1 mg/l                                                                100%

In the distribution system


The following summarizes the bacteriological monitoring and reporting regulatory:

Requirement PWS Performance

A) Number of raw water samples                                                 26                                           25

B) Number of treated water samples                                        26                                           25

C) Number of distribution samples                                                          26                                           25

D) Frequency of testing                                             Bi-weekly                                  96%

E) Total coli form present in water samples            0 TC per 100ml                             0%

F) E.coli present in water samples                               0 EC per 100ml                             0%


Were there any emergencies, regulatory compliance issues or other operational issues to report for 2013?

There were regulatory compliance issues in 2013 with the bacterial testing. 1 of 26 required tests went missing, this was due to busing issues.


Additional Operating License Requirements?

A water chemistry was done on July 4th, 2012 and the results show that all the health parameters were met as per our operating license


What does the R.M. have in place to alert staff to water emergencies?

We have in place an alarm system that phones the operator if there is a high/low water level in the water plant and an emergency phone line if a customer is having a problem with the system


Who can you call with questions or concerns regarding your potable water?


For general questions during regular business hours call the R.M. of Kelsey Administration Office at (204)623-7474. After hours please use the emergency phone number.