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Elected Officials & General Information

The Rural Municipality of Kelsey consists of approximately 828 square kilometres covering the areas of Big Eddy, Carrot River Valley, Cranberry Portage, Ralls Island, Umpherville and Wanless.

The R.M. of Kelsey is represented by a Reeve and six Councillors, and operates under a ward system.

Elected Officials Contact Information

Reeve Rod Berezowecki (204) 620-1757 or (204) 623-6835

WARD I (Ralls Island)

Councillor Wayne Anderson (204) 620-1020

WARD II (Northern Carrot River Valley)

Councillor Neil Scott (204) 620-6406 or (204) 624-5568

WARD III (Southern Carrot River Valley)

Councillor Bruce McLean (204) 623-6568

WARD IV (Big Eddy, Umpherville and Wanless)

Councillor James Berscheid (204) 623-0393 or (204) 623-2395

WARD V (South of Highway 10, Cranberry Portage)

Councillor Peter Bieker (204) 620-0575 or (204) 472-3049

WARD VI (North of Highway 10, Cranberry Portage)

Councillor Larry Johnson (204) 271-4116 or (204) 472-3596



  • To develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the R.M.

  • To ensure that the powers and responsibilities are appropriately carried out.

  • To ensure that appropriate resources (staff and financial) are provided to allow for service delivery.




Carrot River Valley (Pasquia Settlement) is the most northerly agricultural area in Manitoba. There are approximately 178,040 acres of farmable lands. Currently there are 110,000 acres being farmed. One 1/2 million bushels of grain and specialty crops are produced annually. Being located north of the 53rd parallel, longer summer daylight hours provide an additional 10 growing days in comparison to communities located in southern Manitoba.

The R.M. of Kelsey contains one of the most lush and popular golf courses in northern Manitoba. This course offers a driving range and nine holes of fun. Whether your participating in a golf tournament or just unwinding after a tough day at the office, the Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club is a wonderful way to relax and have a lot of fun.

The Carrot Valley Community Hall hosts many dances and social events. The annual fall supper brings the community together to enjoy a home made feast. You can mingle with the locals by participating in the ever-popular poker derbies and attending the Farmers Market held every Saturday during the harvest season.

Big Eddy and Umpherville are small settlements located north of the Town of The Pas. These areas are surrounded by the Opaskwayak Cree Nation with whom they share a similar interest. The Indigenous culture is kept alive in our diverse community. Many heritage events are held each year such as Pow-wow's and the Opaskwayak Indian Days. Participants come from all over the country to participate in these unique events. The Young Point Settlement is located south of the Town of The Pas in the Pasquia Settlement. A small suburban area in the country provides an escape for those individuals wanting to live in the country but still being in touch with an ever-increasing population. The above settlements enable approximately 250 people to reside in harmony with their neighbors.

Ralls Island is the portion of the Rural Municipality lying east of the Town of The Pas, which was settled in the early 1900's as a farming area. Developed now primarily into rural residential lots, subdivisions have been created to provide opportunity for country living with a beautiful view of the area. In the Ralls Island, area there still continues to be hobby farming, cattle and sheep ranching and other light industrial activity. Whether it be a scenic drive along the river or attending the Ralls Island Community Park, this family orientated community will provide you with good friends and good neighbors. The Ralls Island Community Park hosts many fun filled activities such as an outdoor skating arena, a kids carnival and annual ski-doo poker derby.

The Local Urban District of Cranberry Portage derives its name from the profusion of low bush cranberries found there and from it's position on the trail used by both natives and fur traders between the Cranberry Lakes and Lake Athapapuskow. Cranberry Portage has a large residential educational facility, which services rural communities of Manitoba and is a very important factor in the growth and economy of the community. The abundance of excess timber makes forestry one of the primary industries in the area.

Tourism is the main industry in the area. Fishing and hunting lodges are readily available. The Athapapuskow Lake is one of the world's best "lake trout" fishing waters in Canada. The Grass River Provincial Park attracts recreational travelers from around the world with its numerous canoe routes, hiking and biking trails, ski trails and campsites. There are several beaches, as well as campgrounds, lodges, public boat launches, etc. to accommodate your needs. Cranberry Portage is the community of choice for those who appreciate the great outdoors, either as a vacation destination point or seasonal retirement home. Cranberry Portage hosts many annual events such as the Wilderness Weekend, Trout Challenge, Northern Arts Festival, and the Winter Festival. The musical northern lights can be seen almost all year round.

The Community of Wanless, named after an old homesteader called Jack Wanless, is within R.M. of Kelsey boundaries and situated 50 km. north of The Pas with a population of approximately one hundred eighty three people.

Wanless is a tourism destination with beautiful Rocky Lake within its boundaries. Rocky Lake is noted for its fine tasting Northern Pike and Walleye and its most scenic lake shore of colored limestone. Duck hunting is also an important part of Wanless's tourism package. Wanless has three hunting and fishing lodges: Kum-Bac Kabins, Rocky Lake Cabins and the Forest Grove Motel with camping facilities and a motel to accommodate tourists and travelers.

The Wanless Community Club has created a community hall, playground, Church, and fire hall, and holds a number of events held within the community of Wanless each year. Another great event in the area is the Jimmy Jackfish Ice fishing derby held in March hosted by the Rocky Lake East Shore Cottage Owners Association. The entire Municipality provides you with a wide selection of things to do whether you enjoy farming, photography, or great outdoor adventures. We can find a way to meet your needs. Come to our area to receive a northern welcome!